Fat Grabbers® (180 Caps) (ko)
Fat Grabbers® (180 Caps) (ko)
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Fat Grabbers® (180 Caps) (ko)

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Dissolves and absorbs dietary fat for elimination.



  • Helps remove fat through waste elimination.
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.
  • Helps to maintain normal bowel movements.

How It Works:

Fat Grabbers is designed to support your weight-management efforts, in combination with diet and exercise, by utilizing the natural fibers of guar gum and psyllium. Research conducted in our laboratories has verified many other in vitro experiments performed at independent laboratories that lecithin saponins emulsify fat in aqueous media. The fat-binding properties of fiber from guar gum and psyllium hulls interfere with the absorption of the emulsified fat from the small intestine. The bound fat molecules are then eliminated. Unlike some other types of fiber, guar gum does not affect mineral absorption.


Guar gum, psyllium hulls, chickweed leaf extract and lecithin.

Recommended Use:

Take 4 capsules with a meal three times daily. Drink 8 oz. pure water with the capsules, then follow with another glass of water.

NOTE: May cause allergic reaction in persons sensitive to inhaled or ingested psyllium.



Dissolves and absorbs dietary fat for elimination.

Do you know you are about to sin and eat a high fat, low fiber meal? What are you going to do?

Take "Fat Grabbers" that's what.

If you were planning to eat fresh fruits and vegetables you wouldn't have this problem. But almost nobody can keep that up consistently these days.

Fat Grabbers should be taken before you eat a fatty meal.

It contains emulsifiers to dissolve fat along with fiber to absorb fat and carry it out with your bowel movements. The fiber in guar gum and psyllium is well known to reduce cholesterol levels. The fiber will also absorb other material including old intestinal residue.

A friend with no gall bladder discovered that this product makes it more comfortable to eat double cheeseburgers. (Please don't!).

Always take fiber supplements with plenty of water. Fat Grabbers is marketed as a weight management product. I have a hunch that you should take your other supplements at some Other time.


Psyllium hulls, guar gum, chickweed herb and lecithin.


Business Editors PROVO, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 5, 1999-

No Side Effects, Lowered Cholesterol - Also Reported for All-Natural Product Results of clinical trials recently completed in Norway showed that an all-natural weight reduction product, manufactured and marketed by Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: NATR), effectively produced an average weight loss of 16 pounds over a 12-week period for individuals in a test group of 64 participants, the Company reported today.

Nature's Sunshine said that the double-blind study involved its Fat Grabbers(R) capsule, which consists of a patented, high-fiber herbal combination. "The unique formula has been proven in laboratory tests to trap fat molecules inside the intestinal tract before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream," said Dr. Alvin Segelman, Vice President of Health Services at Nature's Sunshine. "The study supports our view that Fat Grabbers(R) is simple, safe, and effective.

Fat Grabbers(R) allows fat to be eliminated from the body, and it enables people to lose weight without taking stimulant drugs." In the study, Fat Grabbers(R) was administered orally to 22 male and 42 female overweight or obese subjects over a 12-week period. The average weight loss experienced by the Fat Grabbers(R) group was 16 pounds, whereas the placebo group showed an average weight loss of only 8 pounds.

In addition to weight loss, subjects experienced a total cholesterol reduction of 0.53 mmol/l with Fat Grabbers(R), compared to 0.38 mmol/l in the study's placebo group. Conclusively, the Fat Grabbers(R) group experienced an 81% weight reduction due to fat loss, with a minimum loss of water and lean muscle tissue when consuming the product three times per day complemented with light exercise and a low-fat diet. In addition, Nature's Sunshine reported, Fat Grabbers(R) significantly reduced hunger pangs in trial subjects.

No side effects were reported, and there was wide tolerance of the product for the duration of the trials, as 97% of the test group completed the study.

Further studies are underway to determine the long-term efficacy and tolerability of Fat Grabbers(R).

The recent study was conducted in Norway by Dr. Erling Thom. Dr. Thom received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Oslo in 1966 and has 25 years of expertise in clinical trial management. He currently works as the head of clinical operations in the Parexel Medstat Region to build clinical operation units in Nordic countries.

Dr. Thom's research has been published extensively, including several reports on weight-loss strategies and vitamin supplements. Nature's Sunshine Products, founded in 1972, is a direct selling company that is a leader in manufacturing and marketing tableted and encapsulated herbal products, high quality natural vitamins, food supplements, skin care and other complementary products.