L-Lysine (100 caps) (ko)
L-Lysine (100 caps) (ko)
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L-Lysine (100 caps) (ko)

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L-Lysine essential amino acid supports structural system health, strengthens circulation and boosts the immune system.

From Nature’s Sunshine – Virus-fighting, gland-regulating amino acid, used to fight and prevent fever blisters/cold sores and mouth ulcers (herpes simplex virus).



  • Supports the structural system.

  • Strengthens circulation.

  • Helps the immune system.

  • Provides 474 mg l-lysine per capsule.

How It Works:

L-lysine is an essential amino acid (cannot be produced by the body) required by the body for the manufacture of proteins. It helps ensure adequate absorption of calcium and the formation of collagen for bone, cartilage and connective tissue. L-lysine strengthens circulation and helps the immune system manufacture antibodies.



Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule with a meal three times daily.0


Virus-fighting, gland-regulating amino acid L-Lysine is not produced in

the body and must be obtained from the diet.

This is often difficult because it is destroyed by cooking. L-Lysine regulates

ovaries, mammary and pineal glands.

It works with vitamin C/bioflavonoids to build collagen for new connective

tissue and bones.

L-Lysine is necessary for all amino acid assimilation.

It is used to fight fever blisters/cold sores and mouth ulcers (herpes simplex


The required dose ranges from 400 to 1,000 mg.

It's interesting that Lysine and Arginine levels influence each other.

Arginine is found in peanuts and chocolate.

Many people report outbreaks of fever blisters after several candy bars.

Also, Lysine deficiency can interfere with carnitine synthesis.

Remember that L-Carnitine is needed to burn fat as energy.

This is another reason that candy bars can make you fat!