Trigger Immune® TCM Concentrate (30 Caps)
Trigger Immune® TCM Concentrate (30 Caps)
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Trigger Immune® TCM Concentrate (30 Caps)

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Strengthen a weakened immune system with Trigger Immune TCM, a concentrated Chinese herbal formula that also fortifies the circulatory system.



Supports the immune system.

Helps guard against nutrient depletion.

Fortifies the circulatory system.

Nutritionally enhances the body's ability to respond to weakening forces.

It Works As Follows:

Trigger Immune TCM Concentrate is a combination of 18 herbs designed to support natural immunity. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this formula is designed to strengthen a weakened energy constitution. Its Chinese name sheng mai can be translated to mean "generate the pulse." Trigger Immune TCM Concentrate is considered a general tonic formula. Its key herbs-schizandra, astragalus, tang-kuei, ginseng and ganoderma-build the immune system and promote energy.


Concentrated extract of astragalus root, ginseng root, epimedium leaf, eucommia bark, ganoderma mushroom, lycium fruit, rehmannia root tuber, achyranthes root, tang-kuei root, atractylodes rhizome, citrus peel, hoelen sclerotium, ligustrum fruit, ophiopogon root tuber, peony root without bark, polygala root, schizandra fruit and licorice root.

Recommended Use:

Take 1 capsule with a meal daily.

NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

Comments from Mr. Steven orne, RH (AHG)

This blend is a major tonic for both qi and blood, but also benefits Shen and jing, making a superior tonic for the entire body. It is used for people who have been run down and depleted by chronic stress or illness and is useful for people who feel exhausted and burned out, have extremely poor resistance to disease or are depleted from chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer.

Trigger Immune enhances blood circulation and immune responses. reduces stress and helps the body repair following surgery, injury, long-term stress or prolonged illness.

It contains many of the superior tonic herbs including astragalus, Korean ginseng, epimedium, eucommia, ganoderma, dong quai, attractylodes and schizandra.

The many tonic herbs in Trigger Immune give it powerful nourishing properties for depleted or elderly people.

Dose is 1 capsule of this concentrate (tcm) twice daily.